leather Footballs

Manufacturer of Leather Footballs!

Custom imprinted leather Footballs in gold and blue printing of your logo with date for your event.

leather footballs

We manufacture and customize promotional footballs, volley balls, rugby balls and match footballs for schools club and league matches.

leather footballs are the tradition balls, which are made with material like natural leather. leather footballs are made in 32 panel, 18 panel, 12 panel. Also any custom design / shape can be made with customers requirement.

leather football

we are suppling our quality products around the Globe and getting satisfactory comments from the concerned professionals All antique footballs are hand stitched with nylon thread. Quality is our top priority at all stages of manufacturing. We never compromise on quality. Want someone contact you re these old fashioned footballs? Are you looking at including these in a campaign you are doing for a client.

Promotional leather rugby balls

leather rugbyballs Are you interested in learning more about the vintage antique footballs? We Can provide prices (including shipping charges) for the following:
1. 1930 Tiento soccer ball (12 panel) 2. 1950 T-shaped vintage soccer ball 3. 1950 Wembley soccer ball (18 panel)
4. 1950 Antique soccer ball (18 panel) 5. 1966 World Cup soccer bal.
SET-1 leather rugby balls are with four panel construction and with or without laces available. vintage basketball & replica leather football.

vintage rugby

Antique style of the old leather footballs used in the era of 1920 to 1966. Great for display in your office or home and can be used for play as well.




Promotional leather footballs with your custom logo priting for your next promotion. Football size 4 is normally used for players older than 8 but younger than 12 and it weights between 12-13 oz, measuring in circumference no more than 25-26 inches.